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We use Artificial Intelligence to predict cryptocurrency market movements

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Cryptomarket Sentiment

This module monitors sentiment of bitcoin, groups and shortlisted instruments. It shows how good the market is for trading.


By monitoring of a range of standard and custom indicators, the platform identifies whether the market is bullish, bearish or flat in the short and middle-term period.


Artificial Intelligence with deep learning can predict the market movements and certain price levels with high probability. This knowledge provide competitive advantage in the cryptocurrency market.

Undervalued Instruments

Taking into account trend, prediction and some secret sauce, the platform generates a shortlist of currently undervalued cryptocurrency assets.

Trading Strategy

Based on the knowledge created by the other components, our platform generates the trading strategies identifying the entry and exit points.

Risk Management

Managing the risk is a crucial component for any market. Cryptocurrency market is not an exception. Proper risk management minimizes the probability of significant losses.

AI Profit Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies & Signals

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Trading strategies are generated with AI and deep learning to achieve better results.

High Performance

Trading logic is constantly improving, and stop losses are analyzed to get better performance with further trades.

Big Volume Support

Big cryptocurrency volume requires certain additional measures in trading, and it needs to be properly handled to avoid or minimize the market manipulation.

Advanced Risk Management

The goal of the platform is not to generate extra profit, but focus on saving the deposit.

AI Profit Cryptocurrency Analysis

Cryptomarket Analysis & Prediction

A few steps ahead with the advanced market knowledge

Top Instruments

Our platfrom monitors top 150 instruments, providing the results in UI and API.

Advanced Indicators

Analyzing the custom indicators besides the standard ones provides a better picture of the cryptocurency market.


Real-time analitics can minimize the risks in majority of deals related to cryptocurrency, like asset management, OTC, trading, etc.


Knowing whrere the market is moving and the levels is beneficial knowledge for cryptocurrency trading and investment.

White Label

Trading Insights

Cryptocurrency market analytical platform that combines historical data with advanced prediction logic managed by AI with machine learning.

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Our Team

With Strong Expertise

Sergey Petkevich
Sergey Petkevich
Chief Executive Officer

Sergey Petkevich is the co-founder of multiple successful blockchain startups. He is one of the first pioneers who worked with blockchain technology. Sergey took part in Dubai Future Accelerators program, 2017. Mr. Petkevich is a former co-founder and CTO at Block Gemini. Sergey has strong background in blockchain and AI technology.

Dimitriy Goustshinski
Dimitriy Goustshinski
Chief Analytics Officer

Dimitriy Goustshinski has a strong financial background, with more than 12 years of successful trading experience on forex and stock market. Mr. Goustshinski has been trading on cryptocurrency market since 2014. Since that time Dimitriy has created a range of trading strategies with high performance for cryptomarkets.


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