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We use artificial intelligence to predict crypto price movements


Crypto Market Predictions

The proper trading strategy should be based on strong fundamental and technical analysis to minimize the risk, and get the maximum profit. It should aggregate significant volumes of the raw data to subtract the patterns. Statistics, time series analysis and machine learning can help with that.

AI Trend Forecasting

Before we make a decision to enter the market we need to define if the crypto asset is cheap enough or has fair value, then set the potential entry/exit points and quantity. Deep-learning tools take trend forecasting to the new level, statistically predictive range of crypto assets performance.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning shows good performance for crypto asset trading using Linear and Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Trees and Decision Forests, and other learning algorithms. The strategy can be trained/tested based on the historical data and provide the evidence for the further trades.

Natural Language Processing

Movements in crypto markets are directly influenced by information exchange. Natural Language Processing analyzes social media to separate signals from the noise. The identified signals have the potential to impact crypto assets value.

Trading Tools

When the market is analysed, and entry/exit points are defined, the trading tools can open market or limit orders. When the target is reached, it takes the profit. Risk management best practice are applied including small stop-loss.




Based on a range of analysis, our platform generates trading strategies. These trading strategies contain the crypto asset value - undervalued/fair/overvalued, as well as entry and exit points. AI Profit platform generates different types of strategies - some of them have the target for the next 10-15 seconds, others are longer terms forecasts - from several hours to several months.


When the trade strategy is ready, it can be executed on an exchange using our trading tools. According to the trade strategy, a market or limit order is created, minimizing the risk with configurable risk management features. Our goal is to generate profit in any market, under any circumstances.


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