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We use Artificial Intelligence to predict cryptocurrency market movements


Bitcoin Market Analysis

The proper trading strategy should be based on strong fundamental and technical analysis to minimize the risk, and get the maximum profit. It should aggregate significant volumes of the raw data to subtract the patterns. Statistics, time series analysis and machine learning can help with that.

Bitcoin Market Forecast

Bitcoin (BTC) price influences the majority of other altcoins. If bitcoin market is forecasted as potentially bearish, it can be a risk to open new positions, and vice versa when bitcoin market is forecasted as bullish one it minimizes the risk of cryptocurrency trading.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning shows good performance for crypto asset trading using Linear and Logistic Regression, LSTM, SVM, Decision Trees, Decision Forests, and other learning algorithms. Deep learning can proove its efficiency applying to cryptocurrency market.

Natural Language Processor

Movements of cryptocurrency market are directly influenced by information exchange. Natural Language Processing analyzes social media to separate signals from the noise, defining the weights for these signals. The identified signals have the potential to impact certain cryptocurrency assets value.

Trading Tools

When the market is analysed and considered as bullish for the chosen cryptocurrencies, the next step is to find the optimal entry and exit points. Our trading tools can generate trading stratages taking in account the market analysis and forecast. Risk management best practice are applied including small stop-loss.




This step starts from bitcoin market analysis, defining the phase of BTC and the forecast. In case of bitcoin market is appropriate for cryptocurrency trading, then the platform generates a shortlist of cryptocurrency assets having the biggest potential for the nearest future. The platform defines the entry and exit points for undervalued and fair instruments.


When the trading strategy is ready, it can be executed on a cryptocurrency exchange using our trading tools. According to the trade strategy, a market or limit order can be created, minimizing the risk with configurable risk management features. Our goal is to generate profit in any market, under any circumstances. Feel free to contact us to get a free demo account.


"The future of trading in cryptocurrency market will be led by Artificial Intelligence"

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