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IBM blockchain platform Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned blockchain framework that aims to deliver enterprise-grade solutions that simplify building enterprise-grade blockchain applications. The permissioned blockchain platform is being used by IBM as a back-end for the enterprise version of the IBM blockchain platform. Enterprises can easily create their own Blockchain using the Hyperledger Fabric. This technology aims to meet the security and compliance requirements and provide an easier way for developers to offer reliable services and build scalable blockchain solutions.
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Ethereum Developers

The focus is shifting more toward decentralized operations such as dapps. We believe that decentralization is the critical asset and the only way to gain global adoption of the blockchain technology platform. Another evolution in the way how blockchain technology has contributed to economy has been the usage of smart contracts. Smart contracts represent a computer program which communicates with other computers in a smart contract network that is run on the Ethereum virtual machine (VM). The process of communication between two computer systems can be executed using smart contracts. Smart contracts can be written in a number of programming languages and executed on multiple computers through the use of web servers or dedicated servers. The common characteristics of smart contracts are that they can be stored, transacted, exchanged and distributed globally and even on different blockchains.
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Tron Developers

TRON is a decentralized computing network that has been developed based on Ethereum's security model, ensuring complete users control over data. Dapp ecosystem offers a network that is completely open and permissionless, allowing any user or developer to run a complete application on the network. DApp users interact with a smart contract through a user controlled portal, enabling DApp users to set and adjust parameters in the decentralized app and choose in which network they wish to communicate. DApp users can use their private key to grant access to DApp.
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EOS Developer

EOS can be used to build blockchain applications for diverse industries. EOS offers the highest standards of connectivity, network resilience, application performance, scalability, usability & security, and performance. EOS has no transaction fees and no application security risks. EOS is built with developers in mind. EOS' main benefits reside in its robust developer tools and advanced user-experience at launch.
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